Fully Charged: How Great Leaders Boost Their Organization’s Energy and Ignite High Performance

Fully Charged  IESE Library also has this to say about the book.

[Now Available in Print and Kindle: Order on Amazon]

Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership

The Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership (HCEL) was founded in 2013 as a hub to advance Henley Business School’s strong heritage and reputation for academic and practical contribution to leadership and developing organisational and individual leadership capability.

The HCELs guiding theme is ‘To explore, investigate, understand, and advance new forms, practices, and sources of engaging leadership in global contexts’ and in doing so creating significant intellectual insights, stimulation and practical support for leadership.

The HCEL is inclusive and values and pursues a variety of approaches to leadership and leadership development to be able to appreciate that people, organisations, and society today and in the future face diverse, complex, ambiguous, and high velocity leadership challenges and leadership dilemmas. The centre’s identity stands for being a community and a vibrant place of inspiration, excellence, and clearly directed impact on leadership and leadership development in research and practice.

The HCEL with its interdisciplinary, collaborative, and international research pursues the following core aims and ambition:

  • Developing a strong voice and a focal hub for innovative insights and stimulation about engaging leadership research, practice, and development.
  • Bridging and blending academic and applied challenges in different spheres of society to influence practice and policy.
  • Creating a fertile, supportive, inspiring community of practitioners, programme members, faculty, students, associated researchers and doctoral students.
  • Establishing the Henley Lab for Engaging Leadership with international organisations for peer-to-peer learning, joined research, and individual and organisational development.

The HCEL specifically focuses on research that helps to expand the understanding and practice of engaging leadership that is appearing as lateral, upwards and downwards influence and inspiration, separately or simultaneously.


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