The Henley Centre for Leadership Voices and one initiative

telescope.jpgWhat an interesting year 2017 has been for leadership, and 2018 is already looking promising. People say New York is the city that never sleeps; to me leadership is the topic that never sleeps.

At the Henley Centre for Leadership (HCL) we are raising our engagement with our audience to the next level.  Our new fortnightly HCL Voices is a series of brief blogs by HCL faculty who will highlight research, ideas, practices, and insights to generate debate, stir up emotions and trigger exploration, experimentation and influence behaviour towards the subject of engaging leadership.

In case you have forgotten us or never heard about us before – we are the Henley Centre for Leadership

–  the hub for innovative leadership insights, debates and learning. We are dedicated to exploring, investigating, understanding and advancing new forms, practices and sources of leadership in global contexts. In so doing, we seek to create significant intellectual insights, stimulation and practical support for leadership.

With our activities in the three integrated areas of –

Research engagement

Outreach, impact and networking

Learning and Educating

– we aim to change leadership and the lives of organisational members. This new HCL Voices series will share ideas and insights with you from these areas and more.


And watch out for – The Henley Centre for Leadership Lab

The Henley Centre for Leadership Lab is the Consortium for Sustained Leadership Excellence.

The HCL Lab will bring together leaders from a set of outstanding international organisations for a two-year consortium – to fundamentally engage your organisation and re-shape your leadership approach for sustained leadership excellence and performance.

Why do we call it a Lab? Because it combines a scientific approach with expertise in practice, and offers a place of learning which can achieve leadership excellence.

To start sharing our ideas with organisations we held an evening event in London in November where representatives from businesses, government organisations and charities took part in the HCL Lab, where the topic featured was Leading Healthy, Resilient Organisations for High Performance.

Learn more here. Watch out and join us for more. We will be running a one day workshop in early summer.

Try this

If you could write a leadership blog in your organisation, which ideas, debates and practices would you share with your colleagues? More importantly, when would you start to share it?

Happy engaging – stay tuned.


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