Unleashing leadership practice. What are the ideas for our leadership learning?


Have you ever thought about ‘What is the absolute relevant scope of insights and practices for a leadership workshop that stimulates ongoing leadership learning?’ For people who venture towards becoming senior managers? You know of at least four real blows that prevent an easy answer:

  • Participants probably already participated in various leadership trainings! Everyone has his or her own journey of developing leadership capacity.
  • Most can read well and can be online. Most concepts, ideas, practices, or thought provocation are at our fingertips. And think about the massive bookshelf for leadership books.
  • We are thirsty for new stuff! However, there is so much helpful ‘old school’ thought and advice about leadership written up over centuries. So while the context in which we live and work currently changes at a fast rate, do we as humans, our functioning, change as much, or are we to an extent stable so that many existing insights and practices are still helpful? And is the new stuff really helpful and insightful for the next 30-50 years?
  • Some also say it is all about the adult learning process not the ideas, while this might only be one side of the same coin.

So not an easy one to make decent choices for the direction in the leadership learning relationship.

To help participants stretching their muscles of leadership thinking and practices, we, for now (!), elicited seven crucial blocks, in elaborate process with internal and external people.

However, while nice and neat themes, these were once core insights. The beauty and challenge lies probably in the perspectives that cut across the key themes such as:

  • How leadership plays out differently at different levels of an organisation;
  • Which main directions of influence can managers engage with in their leadership relationships;
  • Whether leadership is ‘done’ by individuals, shared or is sourced from many in collectives, events or key episodes such as change and transformation;
  • And for what do we do leadership and work in general, and why? The starting might be the purpose of leadership (see recent blog).

Try this.

In hindsight of your manager experience, what would be your core ideas, practices, hunches that you would include? Because they changed dramatically or helped to evolve your personal leadership practice and leadership identity? How about sharing with the people in whom you aim to instil leadership capacity?

And when was the last time you spend time on finding leadership inspiration?

Happy engaging – stay tuned.



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