Help! Are you working in South Africa?


This Blog has been silent recently. Is there a real explanation? Actually not! We could explore my own case with concepts and practices about the capacity for self-leadership… But maybe we don’t want to do that. So much has happened recently that allowed for a leadership reflection and analysis: The UK elections, FIFA, and permanent negotiations in Brussels …

And what do I suggest? I like to connect you with an initiative here at the Henley Business School that really needs your support.

Our study ‘Exploring notions of leadership in South Africa and the African continent

If you are working on South Africa you can be part of the first ‘Exploring notions of leadership in South Africa and the African continent.

How can you help?

By following this link and completing a short survey that will help us to endeavour new practices and research. The Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership has teamed up with the Henley Business School South Africa to investigate how people experience leadership in organisations from South Africa and beyond.

This an exciting activity to gain unique insights for leadership in South Africa. Any further questions please contact me.

Try this (1).

Please consider 2 people you have been working with in South Africa and forward this study invitation to them. That is activist leadership for shared knowledge creation.

Try this (2).

Look at you last work in a project, team or network. How many cultures were represented? What did you know about the cultures represented and the implication for working together? Have you considered amending your behaviour and activities due to the diversity? Why don’t you ask one or two collaborators what they were thinking?

Happy engaging – stay tuned.


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