Welcome to the blog on multi-facetted energizing leadership

This blog is about sharing, debating, learning, and creating ideas, insights, and light bulb moments in leadership – the thinking, being and doing of leadership.

It discusses what is moving and shaking in the world of leadership. It addresses leadership challenges people and organisations face. Let’s look at leadership, followership, energising organisations or management teams and engaging leadership. And what else is going on in societal debates, for leaders in my own practice and at the Henley Business School and its Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership. Even more I look forward to topics that we are not aware of today!

You might ask, what is leadership then?

Leadership is a co-created, multi-facetted phenomenon and so this blog by default has a pluralistic view of leadership. Want to learn more? My next blog below is a must read for you.

And why is this blog out there?

Simple! Being a hub that generates conversations, provokes and expands leadership practice, thinking, and development – across boundaries of academia and practice. Don’t forget – it should be fun too.

Who wants read this?

All of you! From practitioners to researcher to those who are just interested. I love to learn your thoughts on leadership and what you like to debate.

Who will hold the conversations with you?

For more than 15 years I have been supporting organisations, teams and individuals – internationally, across industries – in their journey to develop their leadership potential. This is rooted in research and practice. One does not flourish without the other. I am faculty for leadership at the Henley Business School, involved with the Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership and do my own consultancy work. More appetite? See the About section.

What about you?

The blog is like leadership – a journey co-created by many. When leadership is about individual leaders only an organisation is in danger and vulnerable. Hence, the blog is a co-created venture! Feel free to engage, comment and share your experiences and practical challenges…!

‘Try this.’

Up for an activity? Why don’t you ask a few peers or buddies at work: ‘What has been their biggest learning in their life-long leadership journey?’ And see how they react when you ask them.

Happy engaging – stay tuned.


One comment

  1. Very interesting blog Bernd. It is a shame that I am not across the world, but only across the building! Looking forward to contributing to the debates. Keep going.

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